International Multicultural Film Festival

The International Multicultural Film Festival “IMFF” awaits you for 3 weeks of independent films made by filmmakers from vastly diverse ethnic and religious communities across the globe!

IMFF will celebrate diversity in traditions, opinions, cultures, and religions. It will celebrate those filmmakers who are struggling to showcase their works, within a climate of marginalisation and isolation, racial or religious discrimination, secularism, sectarianism, or anti-religious sentiment. IMFF is not to open a cultural war but to build bridges of tolerance, understanding, and inclusion.

Opening Day First Session

First Session at the State Library of WA

Opening Day: Second Session

Second Session at the State Library of WA on 21 August 2021

Opening Day: Third Session

Third Session at the State Library of WA – 21 August 2021

IMFF starts in









International Multicultural Film Festival Team

Films have no race or religion! We all use moving pictures as a medium to tell a story or pass a message or change the world around us. So IMFF is not about race or religion, but about a vast group of people and communities who happen to be diverse in their race, religions, skin colour, political views, traditions, and cultures.

Tarek Chamkhi

Festival Director & Founder

Our Team

Tarek Chamkhi

Tarek Chamkhi

Festival Director (Australia)

Karina Sorelli

Karina Sorelli

Festival Director (Melbourne)

Jim Taylor

Jim Taylor

Festival Producer (WA)

Junaid Imam

Junaid Imam

Festival Producer (India)

Fazal Subhani

Fazal Subhani

Festival Director (Pakistan)

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If you have any enquiry, or want to submit your film, or sponsor our events, or become a volunteer, please write to us. 

Please state the maximum details so we can help you in your inquiry accordingly. Thank you 🙂

Welcome to our IMFF team!

Feel free to ask a question or simply leave a comment.


Perth, Western Australia, 6000.

Melbourne, Victoria, 3000.


(+61) 0414 155 366


Directors & Producers:

Karina Sorelli:

Tarek Chamkhi:


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